i2S - Insurance Knowledge

02. Company

02.1 i2s Presentation


Established in 1984, it has headquarters in Oporto, Lisbon, Madrid, São Paulo, Luanda and Maputo.



Insurance global market - Integrated solutions for the different players in the insuranceindustry: insurance companies, both Life and Non-life, agents and brokers, pension fund management societies;

Installed in several parts of the world
Europe . Africa . Latin America


Design, development and implementation of computer solutions with a high level of integration and flexibility for the insurance global market.

Principles which orient the activity

Specialisation in the insurance activity.

Supplying of global services to the client.

Connection to centres of training and research.

Quality certification, ISO 9001:2008
“Design and development of software applications for the insurance industry. Implementation of information technology solutions and technical support.”



legal form: privately-owned company
share capital: 2.45 million €



220 employees, graduated and specialised in ITs and in the insurance area.