i2S - Insurance Knowledge

03. Solutions

03.1 i2S - Total solution for the global market

The i2S® project is an integrated computer solution for insurance activities, which includes all the functional areas and considers all kind of interveners in this activity:

  • insurance companies (Life and Non-life)
  • agents, brokers and other marketing channels

Since its creation in 1985 by i2S, the  insurance software solution has been in constant evolution with the inclusion of new functionalities and new modules, determined by the insurance global market demand and also by the evolution of information technology itself.

The development of the insurance solution relies not only on the several (nearly 250) computer technicians and insurance specialists in i2S and other companies representing and implementing the project in other countries, but also on the clients' computer technicians and insurance specialists who adopted this solution (in partnership with i2S technicians).
Today, the i2S solution is installed in nearly 50 insurance companies (Life and Non-life), several pension fund management societies and more than 200 agents and brokers, and it is implemented in different countries ( Portugal, Brazil, Spain, Poland, Cape Verde, Angola, Mozambique).