i2S - Insurance Knowledge

03. Solutions

  • - Extremely flexible and stable
  • - multilanguage and multi-currency
  • - full support for all pension fund lifecycle transactions.
  • - pension plan actuarial definition, it enables creating new funds or performing actuarial evaluation of funds managed by pension funds management societies.

Pension Funds


  • Unlimited number of funds and members


  • Data organised by member and population type (active, retired and pensioners)


  • Pension plans actuarial definition:


Tables of mortality, disability , turnover, etc



Calculation methods for different coverages (retirement, disability, pre- and post-retirement survivor benefits):


- Complementary to Social Security schemes;

- Independent from Social Security schemes.


Funding methods:

- PUC, CUC, Aggregate, Attained Age


  • Automatic data integration or update from member provided files.


  • Possibility of exporting results to Microsoft Excel.


  • Configurable actuarial-financial analysis, including an estimate of the fund’s growth.


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