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José Duarte

José Duarte

José is a Portuguese citizen and holder of a very extensive international experience in the Enterprise Software arena. Currently a resident of The Netherlands, he has also lived in Portugal, USA and France. José has served for 3 years as CEO of Unit4, a Netherlands based global enterprise software business, operating in the ERP market for mid-size companies in the Services industries. José has led the company through a significant transformation period. Before Unit4, José served at SAP for approximately 20 years.

He was the founder of the company in Portugal and evolved through the ranks, having served as President Global Services and Corporate Officer, President EMEA+India and President Latin America. During these years he has led some SAP’s largest and most complex operations as well as emerging and fast growing markets. José has also developed extensive experience as a non-executive director, mostly in Private Equity backed companies and is an Advisor to the President of the Republic of Portugal in ICT and globalization related matters.

Currently he is a Senior Advisor to Private Equity funds and serves in multiple boards of directors as a Non-Executive Director.