Insurance knowledge

With more than 30 years of experience, an impressive track-record of successful implementations of core insurance systems and a team of insurance business experts, i2S is the provider of choice of leading insurance companies.

Speed and Flexibility

i2S offers insurance companies a robust suite of software products aligned with business best practices that enable insurance product deployment with the best time to market and maximum autonomy and flexibility.


i2S delivers the best software products for the insurance business

Expertise: a team of insurance business specialists
Experience: over 30 years in the market
Reliability: 100% implementation success

Insurance Knowledge

i2S software products implement best practices in managing life and non-life insurance businesses. We help insurers to reduce costs, to react promptly to market changes and to create competitive advantages via a reliable, consistent and positive insurance software experience.

Best-in-class products

We are committed to creating superior, innovative and flexible software products and solutions for the core processes of life and non-life insurers and pension fund management societies. Our more than 30 years of know-how and experience give us the confidence to manage implementations seamlessly and flawlessly.

Today, i2S solutions are installed in nearly 50 insurance companies (Life and Non-life) and several pension fund management societies : Portugal, Brazil, Spain, Poland, Cape Verde, Angola and Mozambique.

Solid partners

At i2S we have a selected network of solid partners who add value to our clients and allow us to provide an insurance solution with a robust and innovative core. We have created an ecosystem of partners with products and know-how which complement our management solution, always ensuring the evolutionary maintenance of interfaces, so that our clients can build their own suite of functionalities, fitting their location, dimension and business goals. This way we can ensure successful implementation of our solution with positive business impact and effective return on investment.

Talented team

We are defined by our people. The quality of our human capital is the cornerstone of our ability to serve our clients. Therefore, we invest continuously in our resources, actively developing their skills and creating an environment that fosters their growth as insurance software experts. Our team matches the flexibility of our insurance software solutions: the team includes elements such as actuaries, business analysts, project managers, software developers, digital marketers and experienced account managers.

We are powered by insurance knowledge.

Innovation focus

i2S’s strategically-focused path for innovation started many years ago, when i2S created its Research & Development department, a work which was continued throughout the years, being currently performed by NIDI, the company’s Research, Development and Innovation centre. This innovation focus can be seen in our IBML (Insurance Business Modelling Language), which supports our software’s calculation engine. OCS (Output client-server) is another example (having contributed to the development of i2S Analytics), as are the first domain-specific languages (DSL) and generative software applications that support our product innovation.

Currently, i2S is developing a platform for Non-life insurance, using cloud and multi-device technology. Digitalisation is also part of our roadmap. At i2S, innovation is not only strategic but also a way of being.