Management Policy

i2S is a certified company in accordance with the standards NP EN ISO 9001 – Quality Management System.

Our Management Policy is built on 6 pillars, which are essential to support our strategy: client-orientation, commitment to excellence, employees as a success factor, innovation as a differentiating factor, partnerships to grow and go global and continuous improvement of organisation processes and practices.


Management Policy

Client orientation

Satisfying client needs and going beyond their expectations is crucial for i2S’ business success.

An attitude of excellence in the provision of services to the client and the adoption of elements which differentiate our applications shall be a constant concern, as a way to enhance competitiveness.

Commitment to excellence

Aiming to be a product company of excellence in the insurance industry, focusing on:

  • processes which ensure the product adequacy to its target market – in terms of functionality, extensibility, performance and robustness – and quality control procedures;
  • delivery processes which ensure successful implementations and the functionality of the i2S solutions’ installed base;
  • development according to standards and best practices and with frequent defect prevention activities – both regarding the product and implementations (customisations, integrations).

Employees as a success factor

Employees with competence, initiative and responsibility are the basis for the i2S’ success.

Key aspects to consider include:

  • employees’ permanent training and knowledge update, which ensure all the skills necessary for the performance of their present and future duties;
  • a good working environment where employees can identify with the culture implemented within the company and which encourages team spirit;
  • promoting innovation as a culture, in an environment characterised by creativity, critical thinking, initiative, knowledge sharing and personal development.

Innovation as i2S’ differentiating factor

  • Innovation projects are built on i2S’ global strategy and, as such, represent a vehicle for competitiveness;
  • Creativity and new ideas emerging in the i2S’ ecosystem differentiate our products, our services and our internal and external attitude.

Partnerships to grow and go global

  • The quality of our products and services depends on the quality of our partners (integrators, suppliers and other) and of their products and services.
  • i2S wants to be an outward-looking company, who promotes the circulation of expertise and knowledge transfer, always searching for new partnerships which create new business and innovation opportunities.
  • Increase i2S’ visibility and promote the value of i2S’ brand and organisational attitude.

Continuous improvement of the effectiveness of management systems

  • Well designed, controlled and continuously improved company processes are only possible if everyone is committed.
  • Promoting a management by objectives and monitoring regularly process-based indicators, to encourage i2S increased performance, both regarding innovation and continuous improvement.
  • A management system that ensures compliance with product and service requirements.