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Novo Banco S.A. was created in 2014, having taken over the operations previously under the management of Banco Espírito Santo (BES). GNB – Companhia de Seguros de Vida, S.A. was part of one of the assets transferred to Novo Banco S.A.

The complete insurance management platform of GNB Vida (formerly Tranquilidade Vida, and then BES Vida) – one of five largest insurance companies in Portugal – is built on the i2S solution since 1994.


i2S Channels

In 2000, the communication process between the insurance company and the bank was carried out via file transfer, a process which was characterised for its inefficiency (slowness and delays between time of sale and contract issuance), complexity and, most of all, for being error-prone.

i2S was then presented with the challenge of creating a fronting platform for the bancassurance that would make the communication process between the insurance company and the bank easier. This process was based on a few requirements considered crucial for a good performance, which included:

  • online operation, with direct debit;
  • 24/7 operation;
  • immediate contract issuance;
  • transfer executed in the bank’s infrastructure, using the authentication mechanisms in force;
  • integration with the bank’s entities system (bank’s clients).

The insurance company was interested in accelerating the process of launching new products, while preserving the control of the operations being carried out in the bank.

i2S developed a middleware system comprising all business rules, which were first defined in the back-office and then reproduced in that same middleware – i2S Channels.

Also, i2S Channels has the ability to automatically adjust the fronting platform by interpreting the configuration created in the back-office. This way, the company’s users can make changes or create new products and, immediately after, be at the counter selling products.

The i2S Channels solution also includes a rules engine that allows verifying all the rules associated with the acceptance of a policy, as well as the immediate calculation regarding that policy.

The solution is fully autonomous in terms of contract issuance, thus eliminating the need to use the back-office to complete this task.

Additionally, i2S developed the i2S Channels console, which offers several important features, including:

  • ability to launch products in the bank channel;
  • ability to configure all layouts printed in the fronting platform;
  • ability to monitor all transactions of all different channels in real time.


Knowledge of the Portuguese market, the great integration between the different modules of the i2S solution, great flexibility of the configuration module and, most of all, the work capacity and voluntarism of i2S employees to meet client needs.“.

João Monteiro NBV – Novo Banco Vida

Pedro Temudo | Head of IT