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The insurance company Prévoir-Vie Groupe Prévoir, S.A. is the Portuguese branch office of Groupe Prévoir, specialist in personal insurance. It operates exclusively in the pensions, savings and retirement areas.

Groupe Prévoir has been operating in Portugal since 1996. The city of Braga was the starting point for the business expansion in the Portuguese territory, always with the aim of establishing a close relationship with the Portuguese families.

Groupe Prévoir’s internationalisation process began with the opening of the group’s Portuguese branch office, with i2S being selected, from the very first moment, as the service and solution provider to support the group’s business and to help it grow.


Sustaining the group’s internationalisation process

Groupe Prévoir’s internationalisation process began in 1996 with the opening of the Portuguese branch office. From the very beginning, i2S was selected as strategic partner to lead the group’s operations in Europe, so as to ensure the core management of the insurance business of each branch office.

In 2001, following its international strategy and after entering the Portuguese market, Groupe Prévoir created Prévoir Poland, the first branch office of a foreign company to get established in that country.

The arrival in Poland became a critical challenge, considering the adjustments required to address the market characteristics. Once again, i2S won the confidence of the prestigious French group and led the operation of entry and establishment in the country. In addition to having gained the group’s trust, i2S has been able to adjust the business procedures and its insurance solution to a market as unique as is the Polish market.

Today, after 16 years, i2S still manages and sustains the European operations of Groupe Prévoir.


“Well adapted to the Portuguese market. Constant development of the solution and integration of new technologies.”

Luis Ferraz | Country Manager