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We work every day to place our know-how and experience at the disposal of our clients, with the aim of providing a unique service of excellence. For this reason, each of our clients has a fully dedicated manager, who knows deeply the company’s challenges. We favour the principles of proximity and cooperation because together we are stronger.



Zurich Portugal, 99 years old, is one of the oldest insurance companies operating in Portugal (since 1918).

Zurich Companhia de Seguros Vida, S.A is governed by the Portuguese law and results from the union between Deustche Bank Vida and Eagle Star. This process of integration of the three companies into a single one occurred in 2003, with i2S playing a crucial role in the centralisation/standardisation of the realities of each company in a single system.


3 companies, one system

During the period of business consolidation, with the acquisition of Eagle Star and DB Vida, Zurich wanted a reliable and robust solution which allowed to accommodate the specificities and requirements of each reality. After a detailed comparison of the different options to assess which one offered the best conditions to enable an integrated and seamless management of the different portfolios, Zurich has chosen the i2S solution, which had already been used by DB Vida. This choice meant the migration of data from Zurich and Eagle Star, the fusion of commercial structures and the normalisation regarding the exploration of the different products, as well as the accommodation of all required business operations. The i2S Life solution corresponded to all the expectations initially outlined and allowed concentrating and normalising the three different existing lines of business in a single system.

This was an important process of i2S’ growth and positioning in the insurance market, proofing i2S Life’s capacity to concentrate different lines of business and to simplify and normalise processes.

With this strategic choice of concentration, normalisation and agility, Zurich Vida Portugal ensured a high degree of operation efficiency, standing out in the international group.