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We embrace all insurance players: life insurers, non-life insurers and pension funds management societies.

Our primary purpose is to develop solutions which are real assets for our clients and meet effectively their needs. Over time we’ve been building quality and long lasting relationships.

We work every day to place our know-how and experience at the disposal of our clients, with the aim of providing a unique service of excellence. For this reason, each of our clients has a fully dedicated manager, who knows deeply the company’s challenges. We favour the principles of proximity and cooperation because together we are stronger.



Founded in 1808 under the name Bonança, Fidelidade is today the biggest Portuguese commercial network, with presence from North to South with more than 8 000 agents. Its expansion and internationalisation strategy covers countries such as Spain, France, Luxembourg, Cape Verde, Angola, Mozambique and Macao. In this context, i2S positions itself as a strategic partner, considering that Fidelidade’s international operation is based on the i2S solution.

Fidelidade is seen as the biggest and most robust insurance company in the Portuguese insurance market, being market leader in the Life and Non-life areas, and currently having a market share of about 26%.

Currently, as integral part of Fosun International Limited, Fidelidade has new growth, diversification and appreciation horizons for its project.

In addition to Portugal, Fidelidade is also i2S’ client in Angola, Spain, France and Mozambique.


Mainframe elimination

One of the great successes in the already long history of i2S and Fidelidade was the elimination of a mainframe which sustained the core management of the company’s financial products. This mainframe resisted some deactivation approaches, whose failure was due to the users confidence in the implemented processes and to its reliability and great performance, based on a specifically-developed transaction monitor.

When it first started being used at Fidelidade (1979, at the time of the merger with MSA insurance group – Mutualidade, Soberana and Aliança Madeirense ), this system supported the management of all the company products, including Life and Non-life. Up to 1984, its function was to create/improve several modules: Entities, Policies, Claims, Treasury, Collection, etc. Since the 1990s, it was dedicated to managing the financial products of Fidelidade Mundial, being considered by many as irreplaceable and one of the most important references in the company’s IT systems. Although it was a technically obsolete system, with huge maintenance costs, it was extremely reliable to users, who trusted all its processes.

It was in this context that the challenge to replace the mainframe with the i2S solution emerged. In a very careful, sustained and progressive manner, all data were migrated to the i2S solution. This migration project allowed i2S to change minds, to gain the trust of the users and IT professionals and to prove that this solution was in fact able to offer the same performance level they were used to. The consecutive successes achieved in the different stages of the mainframe migration enabled the creation of a robust relationship of trust between i2S and Fidelidade.

It is extremely rewarding to note that, after all these years, i2S is seen in a different light and that the i2S solution is today the strategic system chosen by Fidelidade to centralise the management of its Life product portfolio.


Teresa Rosas | Head of IT