Non-life insurers

Our clients are among the best in the world. They are part of our history. They are our heritage.

We embrace all insurance players: life insurers, non-life insurers and pension funds management societies.

Our primary purpose is to develop solutions which are real assets for our clients and meet effectively their needs. Over time we’ve been building quality and long lasting relationships.

We work every day to place our know-how and experience at the disposal of our clients, with the aim of providing a unique service of excellence. For this reason, each of our clients has a fully dedicated manager, who knows deeply the company’s challenges. We favour the principles of proximity and cooperation because together we are stronger.



Since January 1, BES Companhia de Seguros, S.A. became GNB – Companhia de Seguros, S.A, being usually known as GNB Seguros, aligning references with its main distribution channel – Novo Banco.

In 2009, GNB Seguros, at that time still BES Seguros, decided to change its insurance management platform, as its current system was not able to address the company’s needs, in particular concerning the launch of new products. As i2S Life client, the insurer already knew the i2S product and the services provided, and for this reason the decision came naturally. Additionally, the insurer was committed to promote synergies by using the same platform for Life and Non-life, and so GNB Seguros chose the i2S solution to manage its Non-life business.


Migration to the i2S solution a history of success

In 2009, the insurance company undertook an operation to renew its insurance management platform.

GNB Seguros’ operation is fully integrated with the bank channel, with a line of business oriented to several mass products, such as auto insurance, home, health and personal accidents.

In 2009 – date when the implementation project began – GNB Seguros had a portfolio of about half a million active policies and a client base which included all clients of Novo Banco.

The project for the implementation of the new platform included several highly complex operations, such as the definition of all the insurer products in the i2S solution, the design and implementation of the different claim management workflows, the implementation of different interfaces (such as the interface with the bank) and finally the migration of all data from the old system to the i2S solution.

i2S uses a migration methodology developed and optimised over many years of experience, with an integrated migration framework which simplifies the whole process and ensures the best response concerning the coherence of the migrated data and the configurations defined in the new platform.

This methodology aims at providing a solution for the problems raised during the migration of data between systems, which increase in accordance with the process complexity.

The migration methodology used during the implementation process made a decisive contribution to the project’s success. In the first day following data migration, the i2S solution was ready and fully operational.

To date i2S made about 30 Life and Non-life migrations using this methodology, all with a 100% success rate.


i2S stands out for the quality of its human capital. The great strength of i2S is exactly the proximity and availability of their employees, who, more than employees, are colleagues.

Ana Pinto Moreira