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Mútua is the first and only Portuguese cooperative insurance company (since 2004), and it celebrated in 2012 its 70th anniversary as mutual insurance company. With origins in the fishing industry, it was created with the aim of insuring vessels and fishermen not insured by the three other existing mutual insurance companies (trawl, codfish and sardine).

In 1992, Mútua chose i2S as product and service provider, and since then a solid relationship which is almost celebrating its “silver anniversary” has been built, founded on trust and loyalty.

Over the years, and always in partnership with i2S, Mútua realised it could not limit its scope of action to the fishing industry. The result was a new strategic orientation which set Mútua as the insurer of riparian communities and of all nautical activities – Mútua affirmed its position as “the insurer of the sea”.


i2S core’s flexibility and adaptability to meet business transformation

In 1992, Mútua dos Pescadores decided to undertake a full computerisation project, replacing the company’s system by a third party system.

i2S was the entity in charge of the project’s implementation, which included the migration from the company’s current system to the i2S solution. On top of that, Mútua dos Pescadores marketed insurance products specific to the fishing industry, an area totally unknown to i2S.

The project represented to i2S both a step into the unknown and an incredible challenge. The most significant characteristics of the project were related to the Segurpesca product, batch collection and the management of current accounts. Associating the insurance payment terms to the “fortune” of the client in his job, for example, was a process completely unknown to i2S specialists. However, this was a real milestone for truly understanding the principles of mutualism. Another important aspect was associated with the information on the vessels and their owners (policyholders), being the registration numbers managed autonomously by each port authority.

Following a joint work between i2S and Mútua, the i2S solution was equipped with new concepts which represent a value-added asset. For instance, the concept of generic object (car, boat, person, …), according to which each occurrence can be linked to different contracts. Mútua benefited from the most complete and up-to-date Portuguese central repository of vessels, as well as from a repository of associates with no duplications, with the possibility of linking contracts where each associate is policyholder. This file was even used to extract the voters’ list for electing the governing bodies.

Statistics show that most projects of this nature are likely to suffer from delay and cost overrun, with a considerable percentage being aborted. However, it was not the case here. The project was implemented according to the expected and has been constantly evolving for the last 24 years. It is indeed a success story.


Using this application, we have easily developed the scripts to extract the operational information from i2S’ Enterprise Resource Planning solution.

Thanks to i2S solution’s consistent and structured design, and to the thorough knowledge of the analysts-developers from Mútua dos Pescadores and i2S on the solution’s database, it took us one week to create the scripts to extract and transform the data. As usual, i2S’ technical teams provided quick, efficient and accurate support.

To accomplish the first two goals – reducing the number of days between policy underwriting and issuance (1st goal), and between policy modification and issuance of the corresponding endorsement (2nd goal) – we migrated our stand-alone simulators, available on the company’s Extranet, to i2S’ front-office platform, i2S Channels.

By allowing entering information from the operating system and issuing policies and endorsements in real time, this platform contributed to a substantial reduction in the number of days between policy underwriting or modification and the issuance of the corresponding documentation. i2S Channels’ ease of use – aiming to control the acceptance of the risks underwritten or changed in conformity with the technical or sales network of Mútua dos Pescadores – constituted another improvement on the service provided to the association members.”

Luís Gomes |  IT Director