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i2S integrates the European innovation elite

i2S integrates the European innovation elite

The SME Instrument is a highly competitive European programme, known as the Champions League of Innovation, in which only an average of 5% of the applying companies are selected to receive funding. In the latest edition of the SME instrument call, only 64 from a total of 1.271 applications submitted at European level have been selected.

i2S takes part in that restricted group of companies that have received funding to execute innovation projects at European Union level. The InsurAgility project received a fund of 1.4 million euros, not only for its business transformation potential, but also for i2S’ ability and competence to execute it.

InsurAgility is an InsurTech solution that will be a revolution for how insurance companies approach digital transformation, aiming to provide a disruptive answer to the modernisation of insurance IT systems. It represents the answer to a global problem that the current solutions cannot solve, by recognising the insurer priorities and developing the existing system gradually until reaching a favourable position, where the integration risks are reduced or non-existent.

With regard to this achievement, Gastão Taveira, i2S’ CEO, adds that “with our InsurAgility project insurers will be able to answer fully to the challenges posed by the new insurtechs and to the new consumers’ requirements. The development and launch of new products will be reduced by 90%. And all this with no need to change the existing systems completely. The financing obtained will allow us to develop this project in parallel with our normal activity, serving more than 30 clients in several countries”.