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i2S User Group ‘17 | Looking Forward

i2S User Group ‘17 | Looking Forward

After having shared our product modularisation strategy with our clients in 2016, this year we wanted to exemplify the implementation of this strategy and to show how insurance companies can benefit from our products and modules to carry out their digital strategy. i2S Configurator, i2S Channels, i2S Analytics and Integration hub were the stars of the event.

The event was opened by i2S’ CEO, Gastão Taveira. He was followed by Marco Perestrelo, who talked about our modularisation strategy, and Paulo Padilha, who presented the guidelines for i2S’ roadmap for the near future. Afterwards, Manuel Ribeiro and Sandra Felício presented i2S Configurator and i2S Channels, respectively.

The lunch break was followed by a moment of relaxation with the guided tour to Centro Cultural de Belém.

João Lapa Pereira started the afternoon session with a presentation on the insurance industry regulation trends. Afterwards, Marco Perestrelo showed that the Integration hub is at the centre of our products’ architecture/modular strategy.

Finally – and once again demonstrating our Insurance Knowledge –, Nuno Ferreira anticipated the insurance market trends, that is, he anticipated the future of the insurance industry!

Simultaneously, and so as to allow our clients to try out our new software products, we provided a demonstration space, thus proving i2S’ competence and capacity in the digital area and with keeping up with the insurance market trends. The participants were not only able to see i2S Configurator, i2S Channels, i2S Analytics and Integration hub in action, but also to interact with those in charge of the development of these products.

i2S User Group ‘17 was closed by Gastão Taveira’s final remarks.

Looking forward to growing with you!