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i2S wins COTEC’s SME Innovation award

i2S wins COTEC’s SME Innovation award

Every year, the SME Innovation COTEC-BPI award, created with the support of Público newspaper, recognises a small or medium enterprise (SME) that has stood out in the Portuguese context for its innovative activity and attitude. This is a very prestigious award, having a very strong impact in terms of the notability it brings to the companies it recognises. i2S is one of the two 2016 winners, sharing the first place with ERT. The award was presented by the President of the Portuguese Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.

The attribution of the award is based on three pillars, whose continuous evolution i2S has always strived to guarantee: Product, Processes and People. This means that this recognition is not associated with just a product or innovation, but rather with a path, a mindset and an attitude developed and refined over the years.

The history of what we do

The path for innovation started many years ago, when i2S created its Research & Development department, a work which was continued throughout the years, being currently performed by NIDI, the company’s Research, Development and Innovation centre. This area is responsible for the emergence of very innovative components in the insurance software products, such as LPS, an insurance programming language that afterwards gave rise to IBML (Insurance Business Modelling Language), which supports the software’s calculation engine. OCS is another example (having contributed to the development of our Analytics product), as are the first DSL and generative software applications that support our product innovation.

At i2S, there are innovation projects being developed almost permanently. Currently, i2S is developing a platform for Non-life insurance, using cloud and multi-device technology. Following the approval of its application to the first stage of the Horizon 2020 – SME Instrument programme, one of only nine Portuguese companies that succeeded in this undertaking, the company will soon have a software that offers new features in the areas of fraud detection, customer segmentation, and introduces blockchain in the company’s software applications.

We work as a team – when the company wins, we all win

When we innovate, we are, at the same time, helping our clients to innovate as well, always in line with a win-win approach. We offer them simple applications that solve complex problems. We provide them with flexibility and autonomy so they can advance their business.

We are able to implement a new company in a matter of months and, as soon as the implementation is finished, the client can launch new insurance products using our base version. We understand their business, we make a difference for our clients.

Companies are nothing without people. Together we are stronger.

When we talk about innovation, we are not just talking in terms of product. There are other dimensions which are taken into the equation, in particular those pertaining to processes and organisation. In this regard, i2S has implemented ITIL best practices in the application support area, ISTBQ best practices in the software testing, software development based on Agile methodologies, and PMBoK best practices in the project management area.

The company has created teams focused on product usability, performance and architecture. Teams of professionals specialised in analysis, with profound business knowledge, who work as a liaison with the product area and train younger professionals so that knowledge is disseminated and enhanced.

It communicates with its staff members regularly and in a transparent fashion, promoting individual responsibility and autonomy.

Change, evolution, and adjustment – to i2S, these are the synonyms of innovation.