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Semana del Seguro 2020

Semana del Seguro 2020

i2S participated in Semana del Seguro 2020, for the first time together with Gfi España, with a journey where almost 50 participants were introduced to the main trends in the insurance business.

The morning of February 26 included presentations, demonstrations and a debate, all them around the concept of flexibility, understood as a way to help insurers to be more competitive and to improve time-to-market, using different digital tools.

The presentations were given by Juan Mazzini (Celent’s analyst), Marco Perestrelo (i2S’ CTO) and Luis Carlos Tristán (Insurance business unit Director at Gfi España), all of them focusing on the different possibilities of innovating in the Spanish market an on the flexibility options provided by legacy systems.

The participants could also benefit from a demo space, where they could try and use the solutions of i2S and Gfi. In fact, showing how a solution works is the best way of showing the potential of the software we develop.

As said by Luis Carlos Tristán, “Today, technology and the solutions addressing the insurance industry are enablers of digital transformation. With all of them, combined with a deep knowledge of the business, at Gfi we help insurers with digital transformation and to adapt to this evolving present and future”.

For his part, Marco Perestrelo, from i2S, comments: “Celent proposed some ideas on how an insurer can embrace digitalisation and we have shown how to put them into practice. It is worth emphasising that i2S considers that the obstacles normally posed by legacy systems to digitalisation can be tackled using specific strategies.”

The journey ended with a debate, under the title “What are the priorities for an insurer to be flexible?”, with the opinions/statements of Luis Carlos Tristán (Gfi España), Miguel Pinto (Fidelidade), Patrick Eiffel (CNP Partners), Rodrigo Rueda (LifeBox) and Juan Mazzini (Celent). The discussions were moderated by José Luis Cendrero, from Inese.