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Telefónica and BBVA Corporate Day

Telefónica and BBVA Corporate Day

i2S was one of the companies selected to participate in the “Telefónica and BBVA Corporate Day”, a two-day event promoted by Telefónica and BBVA, with the support of the European Innovation Council (EIC), and which joined some of Europe’s top innovative companies.

All the participants were subject to a selection process which started with 4500 European companies distinguished with Seals of Excellence, and ended with only 18, from 13 countries, among which i2S, who had the opportunity of presenting their projects to Telefónica and BBVA.

i2S presented its project InsurAgility, aimed at capacitating insurance companies with a fully cloud system, which allows them to accelerate the development process and the definition of insurance products, while avoiding unnecessary or redundant work and embracing all product components and all people involved in product definition.