i2S Analytics

i2S Analytics: business metrics available immediately

Deep insurance knowledge delivered through a flexible framework, with a number of business and risk metrics compiled into key business monitoring dashboards, available from day one.

  • Customer
  • Financial
  • CRM
  • Operational efficiency
  • Commercial
  • Campaigns and Risk & Fraud

A robust solution for a centralized view of the business which transform information into knowledge

The analytics path

Immediate value

Make decisions transforming your data into information

Pre-built and available multiple data sources, business/risk metrics and dashboards

Flexibility provided by broad connectivity/extensibility capabilities

Connect to unlimited data sources (internal and external)

Define and create additional insurance/business metrics

Data Quality

Data cleansing and scoring metrics: using categories and rankings to maximise data quality

Data profiling using business rules: improved semantics

Data Availability

Flexible scheduling of data extraction, transformation and loading processes

On-time data availability