i2S Channels

i2S Channels: the path to digital

To have an omnichannel approach means working with a single view of the client, consistency in pricing, products and campaigns and reacting in real time by sourcing and using high quality data

i2S Channels is the enabler of the digital transformation insurance companies, both in Life and Non-life, are going through.


A flexible solution to implement an Omni channel experience for the insurance business.

It provides a single and consistent experience and responds to the self-service demands of policyholders, agents, brokers, business partners and vendors in a multi-device environment.

i2S Channels delivers an experience which is driven by the client context instead of channel context, and is able to react to changes. The experience is optimised across the value chain.


Customer centricity

Centralised customer views and management

Customer journey unification between interactions

Product & pricing consistency

Unified product catalogue and centralisation by channel

Real-time integrations

Company awareness of the customer journey between channels

Data usage and learning about the customer behaviour

Centralised business rules

Protect your business: integrate business rules into a single platform

Follow customers, risk unit across channels, avoid pricing conflicts and ensure the consistency of commissions across channels

Data consistency

Processes for the collection, aggregation, match, consolidation, quality assurance, persistence and distribution of data throughout the organisation

Centralised process alignment

Align internal processes and principles with the digital transformation model