i2S Configurator

Autonomous and centralised management of insurance products’ configuration, for a more competitive time to market.


i2S Configurator combines two technological elements developed by i2S – the Insurance Business Modelling language (IBML) and the rules engine – for the definition of all attributes and the representation of calculation rules of all insurance products

From this single point of configuration, located at the centre of the insurance company’s architecture of solutions, all configurations are made available automatically in all different management systems.

The result is a very dynamic and flexible manner of configuring and customising business processes and products, granting full autonomy to the business team.



Business users, namely actuaries, can define and test insurance products with zero dependency from the system or IT teams.


Any insurance product can be defined and represented: all relevant concepts, attributes and rules can be defined and configured to match the business context and needs.


The company can quickly react to changing market dynamics and introduce new insurance products or changes to existing ones in record time.


The business know-how and best practices are kept within the company.