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António Duarte

António Duarte

António Duarte is a member of i2S’ Executive Committee, being responsible for the Managed Services (Application Support and Hosting Services) and the Internal IT areas.

Before joining i2S, António participated in the creation of Enabler (founded in 1997). As member of this company’s Executive Committee, he assumed the responsibilities of Organizational Development, Human Resources Management, Financial & Control Management, Marketing & Communication and Facilities Management. With this company’s international expansion, António took over the setup of Enabler Brazil and Enabler France, having been a board member of these two subsidiaries.

When Wipro Technologies acquired Enabler in June 2006, António took over as head of Application Support, with specific responsibilities worldwide for Oracle Retail Services, and in the European retail market with other Application Support Management services, such as outsourcing, offshore developments, and testing services, leading these services in three countries (Portugal, Brazil and India) with a total of 120 resources.

Before the creation of Enabler, António worked six years as a Senior Consultant at Ernst & Young, having participated in projects of different areas, such as insurance, telecommunications, banking and retail.