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Valter Coutinho

Valter Coutinho

Valter is the Head of Professional Services at i2S. He is a dedicated and results-driven IT senior manager, with an extensive technical career and twelve years of experience in team leadership.

Valter possesses interpersonal, communication and negotiation skills, and the ability to develop and maintain mutually beneficial internal and external relationships.

He enjoys being part of – as well as managing, motivating and training – a successful and productive team, and thrives in high-pressure and challenging work environments.

Focused on customer satisfaction and in the delivery of high return solutions, Valter specialises in insurance information systems, area in which he has been working since 2004, having support, implementation and management experience in South Europe (Portugal, Spain, France) and in Africa (Angola).

Valter studied at ISEP, Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto, where he got his bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering in 1998.